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January 2021


“QAnon as a Religion” by Annabelle Bichler

December 2020

  1. “Why Do White Christians in America Think They Are Persecuted?” by John Corrigan
  2. “Life, Liberty, & Vaccines: The Clash between the Coronavirus and Religious Freedom” by Sara Pullen Guercio
  3. “God, Sometimes You Don’t Come Through”: The Presentation of Religious Trauma Syndrome Through Rock Music – Part I” by Maggie Parker
  4. “Religious Freedom in Education: A Fundamental, yet Elusive Right” by Charles J. Russo
  5. “Contemporary Homeschooling: Black Children’s Best Interests, Freedom from Religion, and Anti-Racism” by Cheryl Fields-Smith and Andrea L. Dennis
  6. “QAnon as a Religion” by Annabelle Bichler
  7. “Practicing (and) Catholic” by Matthew P. Cavedon
  8. “The Renewal of Catholic Social Concerns in Fratelli Tutti by Thomas Massaro, S.J.
  9. “Religious Freedom, Public Health, and the Limits of Law” by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
  10. “Reflections on Fratelli tutti: Something Old, Something New, Much Ado about Not too Much” by Charles J. Russo

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