In addition to its regular content explaining and commenting on a wide range of topics, Canopy Forum will also be publishing thematic symposia addressing issues at the intersection of law and religion from a range of perspectives.  These symposia will explore important current concerns through a series of essays or other multimedia content published over the course of several days or weeks, and aim to spark further conversations among our readers about how best to think about and deliberate on these questions.

In the coming months, you can expect Canopy Forum to roll out symposia on topics that include Healthcare Access, Self-Defense Rights, Natural-Law and Human Rights, Aiding Illegal Immigrants, Abortion and “Heartbeat Bills,” Slavery Reparations, and others. 

Authors interested in contributing their thoughts on these or other topics, or who wish to cultivate a symposium series of essays themselves can find out more about doing so here.

The American Ideal
Ethics in Politics
Pluralism and Tolerance
Warfare and Diplomacy
The Rule of Law
Law Enforcement
Human Rights
Environmental Policy
Disaster Relief

Medical Ethics
Social Welfare
Marriage and Family
Economic Justice
Crime and Punishment
Rights and Duties
Business Ethics
Law and Morals
Religious Freedom