“Faith in Interpretation” by Aaron J. Walayat

Abraham and the Angels by Andries Snellinck (PD-US). What is the relationship between faith and constitutional interpretation? Superficially understood, this could refer to popular polemic of taking the specific religious faiths (religious affiliations) of Supreme Court justices, reducing these affiliations to political opinions, and construing these observations with the justice’s interpretive ideology. More esoterically, “faith”

“Chinese Persecution of the Uyghur: A Case of Genocide” by Ali Çaksu

Demonstration for Uyghur rights in Berlin by Leonhard Lenz (CC0 1.0). Uyghurs are a Muslim Turkic people who have been living for a few millennia in East Turkistan or Uyghuristan, which was called Xinjiang (New Territories) in the Chinese language following Chinese invasion. The Uyghur nation has members of ethnic Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Tajiks, and

“‘A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast’*: Early Modern Christian German-speakers, and the Rights of Other Creatures” by Anthony Roeber

*(Proverbs: 12:10); “The Good Shepherd, St. Botolph without Aldersgate” by Andrewrabbott (CC BY-SA 4.0). The present essay explores why the various versions of Christianity that emerged in North America by the early nineteenth century contributed almost nothing to the emerging concern about the rights of animals and the prevention of cruelty. Despite the gradual emergence

“Freedom of Thought and Conscience and the Challenges of AI” by Andrea Pin

Artificial General Intelligence Illustration by David S. Soriano (CC BY-SA 4.0). The capacity to spread misinformation, manipulate people, and persuade them to believe or act in a certain way has been one of the main preoccupations that led to calls for stopping the development of artificial intelligence. The use of social networks to recruit religious

Law, African Religion, and Environmentalism by Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu

Mazah Hills, Jos, Nigeria. Photo by Victor Salami Oyale (CC BY-SA 4.0). In 2022, I was invited by Harvard Divinity School at Cambridge for a  conference titled “Ecological Spiritualities” to present my paper, on African eco-spirituality. While preparing the paper with a focus on the Indigenous experience, I carried out a survey which revealed that, although several

“The Black Police Officer in the US: An Analysis of Tyre Nichols’ Death” by George Walters-Sleyon

“Tyre Nichols protest from January 29, 2023 at the Ohio State House in Columbus” by Becker1999 (CC BY 2.0). This article argues that the death of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man in Memphis, Tennessee, at the hands of five Black police officers (Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin

“Houses of Worship and Religious Architecture: Identity, Place, and Effects of Repurposing” by Frederick Rucker Jr.

A virtual conference sponsored by Canopy Forum and the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory (CSLR) featuring scholars, experts and practitioners who will examine issues facing religious congregations, neighborhoods, towns, and cities where houses of worship are falling into disrepair or vacancy. View selected videos and browse all essays here. “Houses of Worship and Religious

“Orphans of the Enlightenment: The Demoralization of the Academy and Law” by John E. Coons

The Case for Parental Choice: God, Family, and Educational LibertyJohn E. Coons This is an adapted excerpt from Chapter 5 of The Case for Parental Choice: God, Family, and Educational Liberty (Notre Dame Press, 2023) by John E. Coons and is based on previously unpublished remarks to the C.S. Lewis Foundation in February 2006. In

“Climates of Anti-Blackness: Religion, Race and Environmental Politics in Bolivia” by Mareike Winchell

The sunset in Santa Ana de Chiquitos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, by Osireg. (CC BY-SA 2.0). It was sweltering — nearly 90 degrees. The thatched roof of the community building provided limited relief. We pulled up chairs diagonally, maneuvering to miss the sun’s imposing rays. These thatched buildings have emerged as sites of interest in media

“Lobbyists United in Corporate America” by Matteo Corsalini

“No Lobbyists Beyond This Point” sign at the Maryland State House by Daniel Huizinga. (CC BY 2.0). In the history of corporate governance worldwide, “shareholder primacy” is the legal notion that shareholders — those who invest the capital necessary for companies to grow and innovate — do (and should) exercise ultimate control over business decisions. Because