“The Right to Self-Defense as the Grundnorm for Human Rights: A Response to David Little” by John Witte, Jr.

David Little has pioneered the study of religion, human rights, and religious freedom during 60 years of distinguished scholarly work at Yale, Harvard, Virginia, Georgetown, and the United States Institute of Peace. He has traced cardinal human rights principles from antiquity until today — with a special focus on the prescient contributions of Protestants, like

“Christianity and Global Law” edited by Rafael Domingo and John Witte, Jr.

Christianity and Global Lawedited by Rafael Domingo and John Witte Jr. This volume is one of several new introductions to Christianity and Law commissioned by the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University. Each volume is an anthology of some two dozen chapters written by leading scholars. The volumes contain historical,

“REVIEW: Law and the Christian Tradition in Italy by Condorelli and Domingo”

Law and the Christian Tradition in Italy edited by Orazio Condorelli and Rafael Domingo Review by John Witte Jr. This volume is part of a 50-volume series on “Great Christian Jurists in World History,” presenting the interaction of law and Christianity through the biographies of 1000 legal figures of the past two millennia. Commissioned by