Interactions Podcast

Interactions Podcast

The Interactions podcast, a podcast about the interactions between law and religion, is produced by the CSLR and distributed by Canopy Forum. Listen wherever you get your podcasts for article reads, roundtable discussions, and expert analysis.

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New Course on Restorative Justice

New Course on Restorative Justice

In this series of lectures, James W. McCarty delves into restorative justice as a dynamic global social movement seeking to transform harm. This course navigates the depths of encounter, dialogue, and storytelling as powerful tools of rehumanization.

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The Roles of Law, Religion and Housing

The Roles of Law, Religion and Housing

This virtual conference and essay series explores global challengs of homelessness, housing policy and housing vulenerability. Read new essays by a diverse set of thinkers here.

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A Religious “Delaware”: Establishing a State Haven for Religious Corporations by Ian Speir

The Arrival of Pilgrim Fathers by Antonio Gisbert (Public Domain) Protections for the religious freedom and internal affairs of religious organizations are largely a matter of judge-made First Amendment law. While the Supreme Court has acted to protect institutional religious freedom in important cases, many American jurisdictions take a narrow view of this right and

“Holy Warheads: Russian Orthodox Christianity as Weaponized Culture” by Elaine Wilson

Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces Patriot on Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0). In an interview at the beginning of 2024, the far-right Russian ideologue, Alexander Dugin, sought to justify Russian military aggression as a mission of redemption. In fact, he likened Russia’s so-called “special military operation” to the Passion of Christ. He said, “Our

Reflecting on State Cooperation with Religion in Europe by Silvia Meseguer Velasco

Image of European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France on Wikimedia by CherryX (CC BY-SA 3.0). The following essay reflects on the monograph, Cooperación del Estado con la religión en Europa, written in Spanish by Silva Meseguer Velasco. The work is part of the Roots of Law collection of the Aranzadi publishing house, directed

“Why ‘School Choice’ is a Strange Term: Educational Pluralism and International Norms” by Ashley Rogers Berner

Why ‘School Choice’ is a Strange Term: Educational Pluralism and International NormsAshley Rogers Berner The following is an excerpt from Ashley Rogers Berner’s new book, Educational Pluralism and Democracy, Reprinted with permission from Harvard Education Press. The United States needs a new conversation about education. Few areas of American life have experienced more conflict of

“Law and Religion in the Secular Age” by Rafael Domingo

Law and Religion in the Secular Age Rafael Domingo The following is an excerpt from Rafael Domingo’s work titled, Law and Religion in the Secular Age. Reprinted here with permission from Catholic University of America Press (2023). Editorial Note: Page numbers in the text refer to the prior publication linked in the text. The Spiritual

“Law from Below: How the Thought of Francisco Suárez, SJ, Can Renew Contemporary Legal Engagement” by Elisabeth Rain Kincaid

Law from Below: How the Thought of Francisco Suárez, SJ, Can Renew Contemporary Legal EngagementElisabeth Rain Kincaid The following is an excerpt from Elisabeth Rain Kincaid’s new book, Law from Below: How the Thought of Francisco Suárez, SJ, Can Renew Contemporary Legal Engagement. Excerpted with permission from Georgetown University Press, 2024. Often in American civil

“How Will Preachers Address Social Issues During the 2024 Election?” by Leah D. Schade, Wayne Thompson, & Amanda Wilson Harper

A Field Sermon by Anna Ancher (CC0 1.0). Since Donald Trump’s appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices beginning in 2017, the Court released a series of rulings that have had a profound impact on the rights of historically marginalized groups, as well as environmental protection. Regarding immigration rights, the Court ruled in Trump v. Hawaii

“Seeing like a Church, Seeing like a State: The Church-State Relation in Religious Asylum Adjudications” by Jaeeun Kim

Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Bury, England. Photo by Michael Beckwith (CC BY 3.0). Religion is one of the five categories of protection—along with race, nationality, political opinion, and membership in a particular social group—designated by the international and domestic refugee regimes. Migrants who claim a “well-founded fear of persecution” on account

“God & Country: A Look at White Christian Nationalism that Both Enlightens and Disappoints” by David Little

Mount Rushmore, USA by Dean Franklin (CC BY 2.0). Rob Reiner’s recent movie, God & Country is, to be sure, a compelling presentation of the character and influence of white Christian nationalism and a powerful reminder of the dire threat the movement represents for American political and social life in this portentous presidential election year.