“Tax Policy: A Sieve Separating the Genuine Pro-lifers from the Fakes” by Susan Pace Hamill

Picture by Niels Wende on Pixabay. This article is part of our “Kennedy, Carson, and Dobbs: Law and Religion in Pressing Supreme Court Cases” series.If you’d like to check out other articles in this series, click here. Labeling themselves “pro-life,” white conservative evangelical Christians waged war against abortion for decades. On June 24, 2022, the Supreme

“Moral Reflections on 21st Century Tax Policy Trends” by Susan Pace Hamill

Moral Reflections on 21st Century Tax Policy Trends Susan Pace Hamill Tax policy, an important ethical issue that every voting citizen and public office holder must address, boils down to defining the amount of tax revenues needed and deciding how the burden for paying taxes should be allocated among taxpayers enjoying different levels of income

“Religiously Based Ethical Arguments Favoring Estate Taxes” by Susan Pace Hamill

Religiously Based Ethical Arguments Favoring Estate Taxes Susan Pace Hamill The federal estate tax imposes a tax on the wealth that individuals leave their heirs. This tax only applies to the very richest — well under half a percent — of all persons in the United States. Generous exemptions allow millions to be inherited without