“An Analysis of the Capitol Protests Through Senate Chaplain Barry Black’s Prayer” by John E. King

Early in the morning on January 7, 2021, the Senate Chaplain Barry Black offered a prayer following the certification of Joe Biden as the lawfully elected President of the United States. Chaplain Black’s prayer was the conclusion of a long and dark day in the history of the United States of America. Only hours before,

“Capitol Riots Just One More Example of Racial Injustice in the U.S.” by Amin Sadri

This past Wednesday, a mob of Trump supporters — incited and emboldened multiple times by the President of the United States and his family — broke into the Capitol Building during a joint session of Congress and proceeded to loot the congressional offices. Composed of white nationalists and far-right conspiracy theorists, the rioters were met

“Fixed Terms for Justices Will Not Fix the Confirmation Controversies” by Michael J. Broyde

At every confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice, inevitably, commentators appear advocating 18-year term limits for Supreme Court Justices, under the assumption that regular and scheduled appointments will solve the confirmation battles. This approach is mistaken: while there may be advantages (and disadvantages) to Supreme Court term limits, even if term limits were imposed, we

“Seeking Common Ground And Why Assertions about ‘Most Homeschoolers’ Distract from Reasonable Oversight” by Robert Kunzman

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced remote instruction, homeschooling was the fastest-growing educational choice in the United States over the past two decades. While many parents have kept their children enrolled in schools for online instruction, it appears that thousands of other families have chosen independent homeschooling this fall instead. These numbers will almost certainly

“From Common Schools to Greenhouses: School Battles, Homeschooling, and Children’s Rights” by Rachel Coleman

Earlier this year, Harvard Magazine, the university’s alumni publication, interviewed Elizabeth Bartholet, professor at Harvard Law School and faculty director of its Child Advocacy Program, for an article titled “The Risks of Homeschooling.” In the article, Bartholet argued that unregulated homeschooling poses a danger to children, exposing them to risk of educational deprivation and even