“Moving Beyond Hypocrisy: Review of ‘At Home and Abroad'” by Jennifer Graber

In this volume about the politics of American religion, Shakman Hurd and Sullivan ask readers to consider the differences between “domestic versions of religion and religious freedom” as opposed to “those offered for export” (1). The emphasis on disestablishment and free exercise at home, they write, stands in stark contrast to American projects abroad, where

“Could Cohabitation Rights Solve the Issue of Unregistered Religious Marriages?” by Russell Sandberg

Could Cohabitation Rights Solve the Issue of Unregistered Religious Marriages? A Contextualizing and Summary of Religion and Marriage Law: The Need for Reform Russell Sandberg In my new book, Religion and Marriage Law: The Need for Reform, I argue that the law relating to marriage in England and Wales is outdated and leads to unfairness.

“Moses, Jesus, and Einstein and Those Who Hate Them” by Timothy P. Jackson

Moses, Jesus, and Einstein and Those Who Hate Them A Contextualizing and Summary of Mordecai Would Not Bow Down: Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Christian Supersessionism Timothy P. Jackson Moses and Albert Einstein embodied a singular Judaic genius. Both men pointed out the intimate connection between realities typically considered separate if not adversarial, with Einstein doing

“Religion, Law, and the Redoubling of Ideas” by Colby Dickinson

I. According to their nature, ideas, as purely abstract concepts, are radical intrusions into material existence. They are that which drive us to re-examine and potentially upend our lives on the basis of wholly immaterial considerations. Though there may be both conscious and unconscious gains made for a person’s existence through the implementation of particular

“Preview of ‘Queer Democracy: Desire, Dysphoria, and the Body Politic'” by Daniel D. Miller

Preview of Queer Democracy: Desire, Dysphoria, and the Body PoliticDaniel D. Miller For centuries, Western thinkers have imagined society as a body. But why? Why this metaphor to represent society? What conceptual work has this metaphor, the metaphor of the “body politic,” done? And what kind of body has society been imagined to be? Queer

“Democracy After Barth and Bonhoeffer” by Derek Woodard-Lehman

In this brisk little book, Joshua Mauldin responds to the contemporary crisis of democracy by taking up three related topics: theological criticisms of modernity and democracy, such as those made by Alasdair MacIntyre, Bradley Gregory, and Stanley Hauerwas; the political theologies of Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer; and broadly Hegelian defenses of modernity and democracy,

“U.S. Empire and the Politics of American Religion” by Candace Lukasik

This essay was originally read at Columbia University’s IRCPL event on March 17, 2021. In the American Examples project at the University of Alabama, the idea of American religion itself has been up for debate. During a recent discussion, Michael J. Altman, a principal investigator on the project, recounted a question from the previous year’s cohort,