“Anglican Debates: Democracy, Ecclesiology, or Both?” by Elisabeth Rain Kincaid

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool, UK by Michael D. Beckwith (CC0 1.0 Deed). Over the last two decades, the world-wide Anglican Communion, one of the largest denominational gatherings of Christians in the world, often appears in secular news related to the intensity of its internal conflicts.  These debates often center around questions which have roiled

“Yes and No: Barth, Bonhoeffer, and Modern Politics” by Elisabeth Rain Kincaid

Photo by Utsav Srestha on Unsplash. This article is part of our “Reflecting on Barth, Bonhoeffer and Modern Politics” series.If you’d like to check out other articles in this series, click here. Beloved author J.R.R. Tolkien survived the First World War’s trenches, confronted the intellectual challenges and questions of modernity, and then wrote his epic works