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February 2020

“Teshuva: A Look at Repentance, Forgiveness, and Atonement in Jewish Law and Philosophy and American Legal Thought” by Samuel J. Levine

“Acknowledging the Moral Courage of Refugees and Responding in Kind” by Jason Grubbs

“Law, Justice, Mercy, and Forgiveness from a Catholic Perspective” by Robert Fastiggi

“Religious Literacy and the Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue (Part 1)” by Shlomo C. Pill

“Judgment and Forgiveness in Texas: The Amber Guyger Case through the Lens of Islamic Law” by Hassaan Shahawy

“Arbitration and Church Governance in the UMC’s Navigation of LGBTQ Conflict” by Amin Sadri

“Jewish Justice: Guyger, Forgiveness, and Christian Love” by Michael J. Broyde

“Judgment and Forgiveness in Texas: Christian Reflections on the Guyger Case” by Nathan S. Chapman

January 2020

“Equality or Need: A Theological Look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans (Part 3)” by Allen Calhoun

“Islam and Women’s Rights: Postcolonial Challenges” by Shannon Dunn

“Equality or Need: A Theological Look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans (Part 2)” by Allen Calhoun

“Equality or Need: A Theological Look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans (Part 1)” by Allen Calhoun

“A Natural Law for Queer and Racial Justice” by Craig Ford

“Standing Rock: Law, Religion, and Morality in Contested Spaces” by Kamil Jamil

“The Problems with Using Holy Objects in Criminal Investigation” by Matthew P. Cavedon

“Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Nonhuman Environment” by Dana Lloyd

“Should Courts Care if a Juror Thinks She Might Burn in Hell?” by Nathaniel Romano

“The Many Voices of Human Rights” by Linda Hogan

“A Natural Law Basis for Human Rights?” by Hans-Martien ten Napel

December 2019

“Selling Salvation: Catholic Hospitals in the Healthcare Marketplace” by Allison Roberts

“Demystifying the Academic Article” by Gene Zubovich

“Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized? A Jewish Perspective” by Aryeh Klapper

“Affirmation of Baptismal Faith in the Context of Gender Transition” by Christopher Grout

Transgender Rights, Bathroom Bills, and the Families of Transgender Youth: A Conversation with Director Vlada Knowlton

“Faith in Medicare for All” by Fran Quigley

November 2019

“Rawlsian Public Reason and Religious Leadership of Public Officials” by M. Christian Green

“The Problem with the Peace Cross” by Adam McDuffie

“Brexit in Context” by Allen D. Kowalczyk

“Immigration and Religious Identity in American Law” by Adina Jocelyn Langer

“More, Not Less, Religion May Be a Cure for America’s Political Ills” by Shlomo C. Pill

“Keeping the Faith: What Secular Law Has Taught Me About Religion” by Halim Dhanidina

October 2019

“What can Islam Teach Us About the Separation of Church and State?” by Shlomo C. Pill

“The Ordination of Transgender Candidates in the Church of England” by Christopher Grout

“Muslim Americans and Citizenship: Between the Ummah and the USA” by Saeed A. Khan

“Locke’s Toleration in America” by Craig Walmsley

“Precedent in Doubt?: Brown v. Board of Education in Recent Judicial Confirmations” by M. Christian Green

“Spiritual Influences on the Law” by Rafael Domingo

“Three Myths about Religion and Politics” (Part 3) by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

“Three Myths about Religion and Politics” (Part 2) by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

“Three Myths about Religion and Politics” (Part 1) by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

“A New Direction in Law and Religion” by Canopy Forum Editorial Staff

“What’s the Story with the First U.S. Court Case on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting?” by Kristina Arriaga

“Moral Leadership: A Vocation For the Next Generation” by Robert M. Franklin