“Great Christian Jurists in American History” by Daniel L. Dreisbach and Mark David Hall

Great Christian Jurists in American History edited by Daniel L. Dreisbach and Mark David Hall This book is part of a 50-volume series on “Great Christian Jurists in World History,” exploring the interaction of law and Christianity through the biographies of 1,000 legal figures of the past two millennia. Commissioned by the Center for the

“The Comfort and Discomfort of Meaninglessness: Christian Faith in the Time of Coronavirus” by Paul Dafydd Jones

Photo by ollivves on Pixabay Although the sudden emergence of a novel form of coronavirus might bring Martin Luther to mind, it is revealing that many apparently secular voices are thinking along lines laid down by the venerable John Calvin. Not in the sense that gloomy declarations of “total depravity” are making a comeback, no

“Answering the Call: How the Church Can Respond to the Call to Defund the Police” by Deirdre Jonese Austin

Photo by Alex Holyoake / (Flickr, CC BY 2.0) Growing up in the Black Church, I have been raised in a context in which call-and-response is invoked often. In call-and-response, a singer sings or a preacher issues a call, and others respond with an answer. One may greet another with “God is good all the

“The Right to Self-Defense as the Grundnorm for Human Rights: A Response to David Little” by John Witte, Jr.

Photo by kareni on Pixabay This article is part of our “Self-Defense and Human Rights” series.If you’d like to check out other articles in this series, click here. David Little has pioneered the study of religion, human rights, and religious freedom during 60 years of distinguished scholarly work at Yale, Harvard, Virginia, Georgetown, and the

“Non-Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation” by Johan D. van der Vyver

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels The judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Bostock v. Clayton County, decided on June 15, 2020, is, to say the least, quite controversial. It relates to non-discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment practices and has been applauded by many who champion the legal protection

“Christianity and Criminal Law” An Introduction by Mark Hill QC

Christianity and Criminal Law edited by Mark Hill QC, Norman Doe, R.H. Helmholz, and John Witte, Jr. This volume is one of several new introductions to Christianity and Law commissioned by the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University. Each volume in the series is an anthology of some two dozen chapters written by leading scholars

“Is there a Right to Healthcare? Towards a Comprehensive Jewish Approach” by Jason Weiner

Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay The question of the “right” to fair, universal and comprehensive healthcare has been circulating for quite a while, but rapid expansion of modern medical technology has transformed the question from a periodic issue into a perennial one. Controlling rising costs, determining priorities, and ensuring fair distribution and access to