“Preview of ‘Queer Democracy: Desire, Dysphoria, and the Body Politic'” by Daniel D. Miller

Preview of Queer Democracy: Desire, Dysphoria, and the Body PoliticDaniel D. Miller For centuries, Western thinkers have imagined society as a body. But why? Why this metaphor to represent society? What conceptual work has this metaphor, the metaphor of the “body politic,” done? And what kind of body has society been imagined to be? Queer

“Christian Nationalism and Recent Anti-Trans State Laws” by Daniel D. Miller

Photo by Margaux Bellott on Unsplash. A number of states, such as Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee, have recently passed laws targeting transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) girls and young women, barring them from participating in girls’ and women’s competitive sports. The state of Arkansas also recently passed a law (Arkansas HB1570) criminalizing gender-affirming medical care