“Why This Supreme Court Should Overrule Employment Division v. Smith” by Raphael A. Friedman

Photo of the Village Church of Lincolnshire by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash. For several decades, parties asserting religious liberty claims under the Free Exercise Clause saw little success at the Supreme Court. Over the past few years, however, religious groups have fared better. Recently, they prevailed in cases challenging various restrictions imposed on houses of

“Stop Accusing Religious Conservatives of ‘Using’ Religion” by Raphael A. Friedman

Photo by Prisilla Du Preez on Unsplash. Identifying proper boundaries for religious liberty in American public life continues to be a hot-button issue. Stories of friction between religious groups and other members of society have pervaded the headlines, and such conflicts aren’t going away anytime soon.  Over the last few years, the Supreme Court has