“Capitol Riots Just One More Example of Racial Injustice in the U.S.” by Amin Sadri

The Utah State Capitol by Garrett. (CC BY 2.0). This article is part of our “Chaos at the Capitol: Law and Religion Perspectives on Democracy’s Dark Day” series.If you’d like to check out other articles in this series, click here. This past Wednesday, a mob of Trump supporters — incited and emboldened multiple times by the President

“Arbitration and Church Governance in the UMC’s Navigation of LGBTQ Conflict” by Amin Sadri

(Abbey, Church, Interiors image) (Pixabay) Many members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) woke up to unexpected news earlier this month when it was announced some leaders of the UMC had met in private and negotiated through mediation the terms for a division of the denomination. The UMC, one of the largest Christian denominations in