“Moral Leadership: A Vocation For the Next Generation” by Robert M. Franklin

“Spiritual, but not religious” summarizes the religious orientation of many younger Americans.  For years, those who care about theological education have puzzled over the declining interest by new college graduates in parish ministry and pastoral leadership. It has been a time of disruption and heartburn.  If future generations are likely to be less interested in

“America First, Border Walls, and Muslim Bans: A Place Based Approach to National Identity” by Adam McDuffie

The surge of white nationalist and anti-immigrant rhetoric during the Trump presidency can be explained through a “place-based” analysis. The reification of American identity by bolstering borders and restricting the means of legitimate entry is a result of changing notions of what constitutes the American “space” in an era of increasing globalization.

“Our Non-Christian Nation: How Atheists, Satanists, Wiccans and Others are Demanding their Place in American Public Life” by Jay Wexler

In the past two decades, the Supreme Court has largely torn down the wall separating church and state, allowing Christians to display monuments on public property, apply for public funds, and pray before town meetings. In this talk, Wexler describes how religious minorities, including atheists, have been demanding to take part in public life alongside Christians and argues that this is a trend that should be celebrated and continued.